Huma Iftikhar was born in Sialkot, Pakistan. While growing up she was greatly influenced by architectural drawing of colonial British Raj building paintings. She was interested in lines quality of the paintings. She came across miniature paintings and found her passion in miniature painting. She followed her passion for miniature paintings and came to National College of Art’s (NCA). Here, she explored contemporary miniature. Meanwhile, she kept exploring different mediums and stylization of paintings.

Right from my childhood, I have been a quiet and introvert person. It is always been a challenge for me to understand even very simple thing’s and therefore most of the times I stay dazed. Consequently, I’m lost in my thoughts and bewildered in assessing people and most of the times confused in my expressions.
I picked up miniature painting because of its historical perspective and the contrast in colors pulled me. However, as I kept learning and exploring this discipline, my thoughts narrowed down to fewer colors and basic lines. Thus, my work reflects basic lines, usually originating in a symmetry but eventually terminating into a disarray. This pattern truly represents my personality and reflections.
Pencil and Wasli, the preliminaries, have become my ultimate choice of tool and material. My objects have always been the basic things like chair, table, staircase and stool.
The state of bewilderment within me has helped to highlight the intricacies of life. The pencil and Rapido pen, my most trusted friends, help me bring out the confusion from within me. Therefore my work, which always starts with symmetry, tends to get mingled up and muddled towards the end, truly representing me. This representation however at times nakedly points towards political and religious scenarios around us.