• Confessions of the Wait – Muzzumil Ruheel

    1X1 Art Gallery / January 20, 2020 - February 29, 2020

Confessions of the Wait – Muzzumil Ruheel

Confessions of the Wait is a new solo presentation by Muzzumil Ruheel.

Waiting; the inaudible playground for the mind’s festival. It holds an interesting complexity of time with an unexplainable sensation and a mysterious tranquillity. Coupled with idle moments slipping away, the yearning for its ending carries a mystifying bittersweet beauty. Lost within this whirlpool of thoughts, feelings, self-reflections and recollections; one is overwhelmed and the thoughts turn into moments of joyful reminisce or burdens on one's consciousness making them lose their presence in reality. However, sometimes there passes a moment of such gravitas that it becomes an everlasting instance of epiphany and leaves immeasurable impact.

Underlaying all of this is the feeling of transition from a temporary trance, like existence back to the real world. This show is a collection of confessed thoughts and feelings during the period of waiting.

Ruheel brings to life non-existent entities that discreetly assimilate into our surroundings. The work seeks to integrate his interactions with the space he occupies.?Ruheel’s trajectory acts as a catalyst for bringing these intangible phenomenons into their physicality; facilitating their formation from one plane to another. Transporting intangible discourses into a tangible manifestation based on the discourse that ensues with core observation. The artist is a storyteller who continuously questions, analyses literature and observes migratory patterns and their consequences. He uses these findings in his process to recreate his interactions with time, space, semiotics and history. Ruheel’s works are often fictional in nature and vary in media depending on the project.